First Working Day


The first working day of the young leaders started with a big smile when each delegate meet each other on their “getting to know activity”. We have here Abbas Qureshi(Pakistan), Lakmina Wickramasinghe(Sri Lanka), Sabillah Ardie(Indonesia), Tanka Prasad Pokharel(Nepal), Ross Parkash(Pakistan), Kimhen Srey(Cambodia), Sandun Gamage(Sri Lanka), Sophorn Poek(Cambodia), TAI Yu-Chuan(Taiwan), Chee Wey Hng(Malaysia), Jan Argy Tolentiono(Philippines), Keng Liang Tan(Malaysia), Pey Canlas(Philippines), Zhi Yi Ooi(Malaysia), Steiven Poh(Malysia), Abe Olandres(Philippines), Camelia Astuti(Indonesia), Marleynda Mariko(Indonesia), Ivy Ganadillo(Philippines), Cheah Wearn, Ng(Malaysia), Yeen Seen, Ng(Malaysia), Siegfried Herzog(FNF,Philippines) and Warangka Tempana(Thailand) ylda-penang-group.jpg

The delegates discuss their experiences, expectations and evaluations on the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in their respective organizations and countries. Different organizations have their differet strategies in promoting and communicating their respective advocacies; ICT/blogging are expected to give more knowledge to empower each organization.

Mr. Abe Olandres, the resource speaker from the Philippines, a expert blogger, discussed about the “Role of the Internet in Communication Strategies in Youth Oganizing. He gave Hands-on Practice on blogging to each participant to give best samples Blogs.

All partcipants made their personal blogs, which the learnigs they earn can be iparted to their fellow youth.

The long excitng day of blogging ended with a nice dinner courtesy of Secretary General of Party Gerakan.

by: Ivy Ganadillo




Parti Gerakan HQToday we spent the whole day at the Parti Gerakan HQ. The HQ is located in a historic building in the middle of the city. The building looks so nice and grand, we had our events on the second floor of the building. I really like the fact that it has an elevator, so we do not have to walk up the steps in a hot day.

The first event was the opening ceremony, where the acting president of the party, which is also the deputy minister of information, Mr. Dato’ Seri Chia Kwang Chye made a speech about how useful information technology is to every individuals.

The second event was a presentation by the representatives from the Malaysia Communication & Multimedia Commission, the regulatory body for ICT in Malaysia. They were explaining to us about the MyICMS886, which is the Malaysia strategy to reach the knowledgeable society in 2020. As of today, they have 11% penetration of broadband connection.

We stayed at HQ for lunch, in which I found the fried chicken very tasty. The fried chicken was made with similar ingredients as they would be made back in my home country, Indonesia, but they taste slightly different. I liked them so much, I had three pieces of them.

The next event was the Podcasting workshop, with the famous Mr. Abe Orlandes as the source person. He explained podcasting in general, showed us some examples, and demonstrated how to create our own podcast. The workshop then continued by all the participants got into the assigned groups and created their own podcast. It was iferry.jpgnteresting to hear some of them, some were funny, and some were quite serious.

After the group podcasts were all presented, we all then went to the port area of the city to try out the ferry. Being on one of the ferries gave us some wonderful sceneries to take picture of.

As the sun slowly setting on the west, we walked to a restaurant with a great view of the sea. We had a Chinese food called the Nyoya food. The food were absolutely tasty. It was the perfect evening for everybody, as the food coming and the sun setting.port-view.jpg

We went straight to the hotel right after we finish the dinner. I believe everybody was tired but delighted. Better get ready for the next long day…

…by: Sabillah Ardie

YLDA ICT Workshop – Day Three

Day three begins, and we started with an official opening ceremony at Parti Gerakan’s headquarters, Macalister Road, Penang. The Chief Minister of Penang, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon was not able to be present for this event, and YB Dato’ Seri Chia Kwang Chye launched the ICT workshop on behalf of Tan Sri.

After launching, two invited speakers from Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) gave a talk which is moderated by YB Ong Thean Lye on Malaysian Information, Communications and Multimedia Services (MyICMS 886) Strategy. This MyICMS 886 strategy have been targeted to propel Malaysia in the delivery of advanced information, communications and multimedia services towards improving the quality of the life of Malaysians and at boosting Malaysia’s global competitiveness. (More on Ze- Redefined)

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YLDA Fourth Working Day


On the fourth day of the workshop, almost all participant got late for not receiving any wake up call, added that all have a long night on making their assignment, a new podcast.

Presentation of new podcast for each group came and the long night give them credits for they show a lot of improvements compared on the other day.

Mr. Abe Olandres, give more points to remember on blogging and podcasting. Discussing the SWOT analysis also in organizations’ websites give each one a help, in how more they can improve their existing websites.

With the new knowledge on ICT Mr. Siegfrid Herzog of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), discuss and give some overview on how can we use websites and blogs on each organizations publicity and also in terms of fund raising.

This fourth day of workshop, also give way to the half-year general meeting of YLDA. Each member organization discuss their activities and accomplishments in their own countries. It gives everyone more ideas on different programs that they can also work in their own countries.

After a long day,(last day of workshop) we had dinner at Northam Beach Cafe, a popular hawker food court in Penang. We ordered lots of hawker foods for the participants.